Day 1 – The sun has set on our first day


We’re sitting on the plane in Newark waiting for the throngs of people to clear so we can proceed on to the next stage of our journey. I’m finding TripIt to be quite handy. As I sit here typing it notifies me of which gate our next flight departs from and that we have 2 hours and 4 minutes before we get stuck in Newark forever. I’ve never been to Newark but it doesn’t sound like where I want to spend my vacation.

Layla handled the last 6 hours like a champ. She says that “flying is exciting” and wants to know if she sounds weird. Her ears must be plugged still.

I forgot to order a UK SIM card for my iPad before we left so I’ll get to figure that out on the fly. I also have no idea what we’re going to do for 6 hours in Copenhagen tomorrow between flights.

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  1. I remember calling Mom, from a pay phone, from the Newark airport traveling in the opposite direction. She said “Newark, you are in the armpit of the world.”

    1. I’ve heard similar opinions from other travelers; however, we never left the airport, which was decent enough.

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