Day 2 – Good morning?

We’ve just passed over the island nation of England while eating breakfast. Yeah, sandwiches again. While SAS couldn’t have known we had sandwiches for lunch and first dinner yesterday both, the sight of another cold sandwich was a bit disappointing. That said, the American carriers could learn a thing or two about air travel customer services from the Scandinavians. What a difference between the two aircraft and the style of service.

Our Airbus A300 is probably 20 years newer than the ancient 757-200 we flew from SFO to EWR. While neither fits my 6’5″ frame well, SAS made an effort to provide a bit more than the a Greyhound bus with wings. Darcy’s low fat meals were served before regular meals and dinner came promptly, albeit at 11:30pm. We caught Jack the Giant Slayer on the personal video screens while Layla watched Rio. Tuck in with a blanket and we were woken to breakfast a few hours later. Aside from the obligatory sandwich, Greek yogurt and coffee (pronounced cafe by the swedes) were a nice treat regardless of what time we were pretending it is.

And then we landed, in style. Unfortunately no barf bag could be found so Layla left bits of her sandwich all over me, her backpack, herself and the plane. Once cleaned up here we all are upon arrival.


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  1. Matt and I are roaring as we read that Layla christened SAS in her own personal style! You look just like I know we looked upon arrival in Heathrow a year ago……well-worn and very tired! What will you do for the next 6 hours?

    Love the blog…..keep us posted!

    1. The next 6 hours came and went. We’re in flight to London now. I’ll update the post now that we have Internet again.

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