A quarter peck of peppered pickles?


I watched the pickles on the counter all week. The brine solution got a little cloudy as the week progressed, but I never saw a lot of bubbling going on. I also did not notice any scum form on the surface of the water. This may have been due to the bag essentially sealing the brine off from the air.

I waited six days and then put the gallon container in the garage refridgerator. On the seventh day we dug in. I think the best description of this style pickle is called the “half sour.” While I’m not one to use sour to describe a pickle, these certainly turned out half pickled. This is what I was going for; cucumber in the middle, brined pickle on the outside. Nice and fresh, but salty too. However, I went a little overboard with the pepper… I’ll have to try again with less pepper.



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