Improvements in painting and modeling


I spent a good part of the weekend working on a modeling and painting project. There is something theraputic about the quiet me-time that I get when painting a model. I can block out all of the other thoughts in my head and I can ignore the rest of the world for an hour or two.

This weekend was nice because I had the window open and I got to enjoy the sound, smell and micro climate of a thunderstorm. I also worked on perhaps my most ambitous project to date. The model is called Kairos Fateweaver. The two heads symbolize both the present and future. I put him on a chess board style platform to symbolize the strategy of life while the sand all about is meant to show the passing of time. The half model below him is a warrior of a long dead legion who was corrupted by his power and became less than nothing. All in all, I think there is quite a bit to look at and think about in this model.

Above is the current state of the model. While not quite done, it has come along nicely and I am very proud of the results to date.

Here are a few qork in progress pictures of the base, wings and model. I assembled the model into 4 larger pieces and then painted them seperately from each other. Once I had an inspiration for the base I created it seperately and painted it as well. Once I had enough of the painting and detail work done I applied a clear coat and assembled the model and attached it to the base.

I’ll go back now and pick out any details I missed before or add some final shading and highlighting of the model and base now that they are complete.








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