A Fitting Fireplace After Six Years?


I’m actually just holding the various pieces in place in this picture.  The fireplace is not done, but we’re getting close.  I spent two days over the holidays building the mantel and surround out of a combination of mahogany and cherry.  The latter will get a clear stain to match the kitchen while the former will get a deep espresso lacquer to match our library wall.  I’ve been able to match the color, but now I need to match the application technique.

A few days later I grouted the tile.  You can see the tile more clearly, as well as the prep work, in the next picture.  It has since dried and we’ve fired up the fireplace to make sure the grout dried evenly with success.  I subsequently tried a test spray of the dark lacquer and was unhappy with the results; I’m sure it was all problems with my technique and the weather conditions.  I’ll try again on another test piece this next weekend.  It’s only been six years, but I’m looking forward to getting this project done!