Day 1 – Planes, trains and automobiles


The family was treated with a nice home cooked breakfast by Papa, Darcy’s father, this morning. The spicy breakfast burritos were a nice added touch. Part 1 of today’s trip was an uneventful drive to the Concord BART station. I learned that children Layla’s age are entitled to a discount on BART to tickets — if you can find an attendant, as the machines do not sell them. (Oh, you can buy them via mail)

Layla’s first ride on BART (part 2) was exciting, quickly followed by boredom. Dad came to the rescue with a movie on the iPad. The better part of an hour later had us on and off the tram (part 3) quickly moved trough check-in and security at SFO. A bite to eat and here we sit in the first of two planes waiting for everyone to finish boarding. United no longer offers pre-boarding for families with children…

A final bit of wisdom imparted by our flight attendant, “sometimes it is just best to step away from the mess!”

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