Day 12 – Abiball

Tonight was Ellen’s Graduation Ball. Before the Ball, Darcy, Layla and Ellen went with Ellen’s friend Nick to see his horses.







While they were doing that I was still trying to resolve my challenges getting a German SIM card to work in my iPad. There were no technical issues, just issues getting the SIM fully activated. When I got back to the parking lot I saw this gentleman who had obviously had too much beer.


That night we went with Ellen and her family to a local DIsco for a very nice dinner followed by announcement of the graduates and then dancing to both a DJ and a live band.  Each of the student couples danced three dances that they had learned, the Waltz, Foxtrott and another I don’t remember off the top of my head.  After this there was a dance with their mothers and then fathers.  Ellen surprised me by asking for a dance with her second father.  I had to choke back the beginning of a tear so I could go and make a fool of myself on the dance floor.  I keep thinking I need to learn how to dance, but then I tell myself I’ve made it thing long without learning…






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