Day 0 – Packing bags, animals and a small child (in no particular order)

Map - Day 0Today saw us as far as the in-laws’ home in Davis, CA.  Darcy looked at me knowingly as we drove out of Elk Grove and commented that this was the first trip we’ve taken in almost 14 years where we haven’t bickered over something as we packed the car and left town.  Strange that this trip is much bigger than anything we’ve attempted before.  Hopefully we got it all packed; I suppose we’ll find out what we missed when we need it.

Today is Day 0, as we officially depart for Europe tomorrow.  By this time tomorrow I think we’ll be boarding our trans-Atlantic voyage from lovely Newark to Copenhagen, Denmark.  Cross your fingers for us.

Sitting here in Davis, downloading movies for the long plane ride, I’m listening to Layla talk with her Nana.  Of particular note is the conversation about whether or not you can feel tomorrow coming.  I’m reminded of my intense excitement as a child around her age waiting for things like Christmas morning.  I didn’t sleep well last night, I can only image that Layla woken up every bit as often as I did.

Every day I think we’ll be planning a few days out in advance.  Tonight I reserved tickets to the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour, London – Harry Potter.  Evidently it is an amazing 3 hour tour of many of the sets used filming the movies.  I know Layla will be amazed.  You can check it out here.

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