What does my Tzeentch list look like?

Since the “net list” rules the conversation for many people who play 40K I figured I’d post up the concept for my list.  I change it up a little each time to try out different combinations, but it generally looks like this at 2000 points:

Fateweaver – 333 points
Tzeentch Herald w/ Master of Sorcery, We Are Legion and Bolt – 95 points
Tzeentch Herald on Disc w/ We Are Legion and Bolt – 105 points
4 Flamers with Pyrocaster upgrade – 97 points
4 Flamers with Pyrocaster upgrade – 97 points
3 Flamers with Pyrocaster upgrade – 97 points
20 Pink Horrors, with Bolt and Changeling – 355 points
10 Pink Horrors, with Bolt and Icon – 205 points
5 Pink Horrors, with Bolt – 95 points
5 Pink Horrors, with Bolt – 95 points
4 Screamers – 100 points
Tzeentch Daemon Prince w/ wings, iron hide, Bolt, Boon and Daemonic Gaze – 280 points
My general deployment tactic is to take Fateweaver, 1 squad of flamers, a herald w/ the 20 horror squad and the screamers as my preferred wave.  That way if I get my non-preferred wave I have the icon to use on turn 2 as the rest of my army starts coming in.
With the new deep-strike rules, daemons come in much quicker than in 5th edition.  I go balls to the wall with in your face deep striking and let the chaos gods decide if I win or loose.  Good tactics?  Probably not, but its fun.
I suicide the flamers and have yet to have them not earn their points back.  They generally earn them 2-3 times over.
But the centerpiece of my army is the 20 Horror squad coupled with a Herald and Fateweaver.  800 points of awesome.  Keeping Fateweaver within 6″ has become more challenging, but it more than made up by his flying rules.  I recently played a foot Tau list, who spent 2 turns concentrating all its fire on the DP and Fateweaver to no avail.
The idea for the mob squad of Horrors actually came from Niel Gilstrap of the 11th Company podcast. My favorite, so check it out.  He was ranting about kill point denial lists a few month back and the and Pat came up with an idea for a KP denial Daemon list.  Funny concept, but I have yet to loose the mob squad.
In a recent game, I played the infamous 4KP Draigo Wing list (20 paladins, Draigo and a Librarian).  We called the game after 4 turns due to time, but had the game gone to 5, I would have won.  My screamers arrived on turn 4, and were prepared to assault into his remaining, and already engaged, paladin squad the next turn and beat face.  It was an early 6E game, right after the new Daemon rules came out.  I didn’t have enough horrors with me so I threw a squad of 7 flesh hounds into the list instead, which turned out to be Draigo’s demise.
Anyway, that’s about the core of my army.  I change it up.  The disc is new.  We’ll see how it plays out.

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  1. Until everyone gets a handle on how to take down fliers it certainly lends to the survivability of your fateweaver. The pink horror shooting has a huge over-powering effect on smaller, elite units, along with being able to overwatch to help thin the herd before combat. Fun army to play against as it is challenging and has a much different feel than most other armies.

  2. I agree that the Flying Daemon Prince and Flying MC got a significant bump in 6E, although I would argue that they were a bit overpriced in 5E, so this was more of a balancing, rather than an OP. Fateweaver’s bubble is offset by his mandatory mobility as a FMC. That said, the new rules change the way we play quite a bit. Thanks for the game last weekend!

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