Games Workshop opening a store in Sacramento?


GW sent out a monthly newsletter this morning via email.  I normally just scan and delete these, as the content doesn’t interest me much; however, this morning something caught my eye.

Games Workshop is looking at Sacramento for store! The closest store is in Antioch, about an hour from the south end of the Sacramento area.  While I wouldn’t mind seeing a store nearby, I think Sacramento already has enough game stores that carry GW products.  I find this issue to be interesting, as GW sells through independent stockists, and also runs their owns stores.  When a city is served by both indys and corporate a conflict of interst arises.

via Games Workshop
Career Selection Centers
Want to run your own store? Games Workshop is looking for people in the following locations and will conduct onsite interviews for candidates interested in learning more and pursuing a career in a Games Workshop Hobby Center at scheduled Selection Centers. Apply online and we will contact you about Selection Center dates and locations.

Los Angeles/San Francisco, CA – Apply by 8/18
Sacramento, CA – Apply by 8/22
Seattle, WA – Apply by 8/30
Philadelphia, PA – Apply by 8/31
Phoenix/Tucson, AZ – Apply by 9/6
Birmingham, AL – Apply by 9/10
Las Vegas, NV – Apply by 9/25
Portland, OR – Apply by 9/25
Columbia, SC – Apply byer 9/27
Buffalo, NY – Apply by 10/1

I find it odd that this is the first I’ve heard of the Sacramento store, but the applications are due in 3 days.

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