Character Nonsense or The Expendables II

I was going to post this article back before the recent 40K BRB FAQ:

“If you can’t tell by the title I think that the new Character rules have a bit of nonsense thrown in that makes them laughable at times.  However, let me start by saying that I generally like the new Character rules with these exceptions:

  1. Characters taking Look Out Sir! saves for other Characters
  2. Being able to Look Out Sir! a Precision Shot with the same ease as a normal shot
  3. Monstrous Creatures being stuck in a duel with a Character

Other than that, I think the concept is great, even if some of the mechanics slow the game down a little right now.”

Evidently, I was right on account of #1.  #2 is less of an issue due to the reduction in number of characters that make precision shots.

I still think #3 is bunk…

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