New Sacramento GW Store (Part 2)


I posted an article about 2 months ago foretelling the opening of the Games Workshop store in Sacramento.  The Lake Crest Village GW Store on Florin Road in the Pocket Area.  At the time the info I had was vague, but it got me thinking…  Fast forward to last Friday and I stopped by the new store the day before it was opened to check it out.  Not surprisingly, Steve Sisk, the previous manager of the Antioch store was back in Sacramento running this store.

I previously wrote that “while I wouldn’t mind seeing a store nearby, I think Sacramento already has enough game stores that carry GW products.  I find this issue to be interesting, as GW sells through independent stockists, and also runs their owns stores.  When a city is served by both indys and corporate a conflict of interst arises.”  I firmly stand by this opinion.

I support a few local stores and online retailers for various reasons.  I also happened to be Steve’s first customer.  I bought his only copy of Imperial Armour Aeronautica.  I will likely stop in to the Sacramento GW store to get my ForgeWorld book fix from time to time, but I’ll probably leave Steve to doing what he does best, recruiting new players to the hobby; something no local store does a great job of doing…

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