My first RTT with the Daemons in 6th edition (40K)

I’ve been playing the daemons regularly for a few months now; from the tail end of 5th edition through the codex update.  Today was my first RTT with the daemons.  Let me start by saying that the timing was poor for me, as I’m a huge San Francisco Giants Fan, and today was game 3 of the World Series, but I trudged on.  I went 1-1 and skipped the 3rd game in favor of the baseball game.


Lessons I learned:

  1. Watch the clock and make sure you get your turns in, or risk loosing a game due to leaving models off the board.
  2. Daemons are not OP (contrary to all the whining) but they have such a different play style that they must be factored in when building a list.  You need to have a counter for Flamers and Screamers.
  3. Hordes of IG are difficult to chew through unless you have template weapons, and even then Flamers of Tzeentch are not resilient enough to chew through hordes quickly enough.
  4. Dumb luck can win or lose a game for you.  My Fateweaver model cast Boon of Mutation on my first round opponent’s Abbaddon model and turned him into a spawn.

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