Day 9 – London in a day


Wow, what a whirlwind. I think we’re all going to collapse when we check-in to our hotel, which is good because tomorrow’s flight to Dortmund, Germany departs at 7:00am. Luckily, we had some foresight and booked a hotel within an actual stone’s throw from the terminal. Today we saw London in a day. Since we technically started our London stay at 7:30pm yesterday we even made it in 24 hours. We’re sitting her at the children’s playground in Kensington Gardens. Layla is having a blast with the water features, sand and large pirate ship.

In (attempted) reverse chronological order our visit included:

  • Car park to Luton airport
  • Kensington Gardens
  • Underground from Millennium Docks to Queensway
  • Thames Clipper from Greenwich to Millennium Docks
  • Greenwich Royal Observatory, where we stood over the Prime Meridian
  • Greenwich Royal Naval Museum (ship in a bottle)
  • Thames Clipper from the Eye of London to Greenwich
  • Walked from Big Ben to the Eye of London
  • Bell chimes at Big Ben
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Walked around the mall, past the pond with Pelicans, past the military marching practice.
  • Buckingham Palace (we were to late for the changing of the guard)
  • Up the mall, from the Gate near the Cavalry Museum, past a side entrance with some really young guards who could not stand still.
  • Lunch at La Pret Manger (very nice fast, but fresh food)
  • Trafalger Square
  • Took the Number 15 double decker bus from the Tower of London to Trafalger Square
  • Walked over the Tower Bridge (took pictures of Layla straddling the draw bridge)
  • Walked along the pier from the London Bridge to the Tower bridge, past the London Dungeon experience.


  • Walked over the London Bridge in the rain.
  • Walked to the London Bridge from the Underground
  • Took the Underground from the British Museum to the London Bridge
  • Ate ice cream (soft-serve) with strawberries and chocolate on the front steps of the British Museum
  • Explored both Egyption exhibits, including the Rosetta Stone, at the British Musuem for a few hours (this was our only long stop all day) as Darcy loves everything related to ancient Egypt.



  • Took the tube from Queensway to the British Museum
  • Packed our bags in our car, at the car park for the day as we left the hotel.
  • Ate a nice English Breakfast for the last time on our trip.
  • Woke up nice and early.

In an attempt to get some information out about what we did, I’m going to end this post here and come back with more details and photos later.

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