Changes that would have lessened the sting from the nerf bat

I’m going to focus on Tzeentch and things that would have lessened the sting of the change IMHO.

  • Give all units that start on the board scout.  Seriously, we’re daemons that errupt from the warp.  Placement should be scary for the opponent.  This compromises between normal deployment and complete deepstrike.  Most units would get a 6″ move.
  • Allow Ld tests for pshycic powers to be taken on the modified Ld even if it takes it higher than 10.  Fateweaver is the boss.  He lost his reroll bubble, don’t make him fail psychic tests 3/36 times.  He should auto pass, but still take perils.
  • -1 to opponents DTW.  Seriously, the average marine unit should not get a 1/6 chance to shut down psychic shooting from a daemon (made of the warp).
  • Daemons should be able to manifest witchfire for overwatch.

I can pretty much live with everything else.  Yeah, there is stuff I don’t like, but these few changes would make the stuff that isn’t supposed to be wonky and unreliable a little more paletable.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree with 2 and 3. Since almost all the shooting is made through psychic attacks is I feel they should be a bit easier to cast. in addition DTW could eventually build up through the course of the game. Scout I don’t see as balanced since many units are fast and can re-roll charge distances – the extra 6 inches could prove a big deal.
    My biggest issues with the codex are: N1- Random strengh/number of hits when shooting N2- The warp storm table N3- The random rewards.

  2. I agree with your suggested changes, especially scout and DTW. Daemons should be scary in more ways than one, but right now they are disadvantaged by relying heavily on melee, clothed only in a 5++, not having transports, and yet have to footslog down the board against a wall of shooting in most cases. Reminds me of the russian army in Stalingrad. The easiest fix would be to increase their mobility.

    1. How can their ability be further increased? Screamers, flamers, seekers, hounds, bloodcrushers, chariots, slaanesh beasts, flyers are already as fast as they can be. Every unit has the deepstrike USR. What else can you think of giving them? They’re going to take casualties but they had their point costs decreased to compensate and that’s without taking away much of their killing power. Daemons IMO are now one of the fastest armies around.
      On a side not I take my words back about the warpstorm table – some instruments should fix things pretty well – the more I look at the codex the more I “m starting to think that the army’s idea is one of calculated risk

    2. You are largely right. I play mono-nurgle, so I am bias (and I doubt I would ever run the new plague flies). Obviously, every unit should not suddenly gain the movement capability of jump-infantry, but the few extra inches that scout gives would make up for not having transports and being melee-centric, and would also fit the lore.

      They could have alternatively implemented a warp portal mechanic similar to the new portalglyph mechanic, but as a static HQ upgrade option… Place a marker within X inches from a herald or greater daemon, roll Xd6 to scatter, and d3 unengaged units can spawn (and assault) from the portal. These units could either be reserves (roll normal reserve roll) or from somewhere else on the board (roll d6, on a 1 mishap in some fashion). It could be designed that the portal stays up until destroyed, or you can generate a new one every turn.

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